Commitment to Job Satisfaction

Key Issue

Creating opportunities for everybody to be actively involved in a better future


Action Policies

  • Promote diversity amid population aging with a low birthrate to enable active involvement of diverse human resources
  • Create an open and productive workplace environment and cultivate a corporate culture enabling employees to derive pleasure and satisfaction from their work

Toward further penetration of diversity and inclusion

Naomi Uchida
Executive Officer,
General Manager, Human Capital Development Department;
General Manager, Human Resources Department

SMFL is a company with a diverse group of people from different corporate cultures. We value not only the diversity of external attributes such as age, gender, race, and nationality, but also the diversity of internal values held by each employee. We believe that respecting each and every employee who has a variety of values and experiences and creating an environment in which they can make the most of their abilities will lead to improvements in job satisfaction.

Enriching the "work" and "life" of each and every employee is the driving force behind the realization of Our Mission ("Looking beyond the present, we are committed to contributing broadly to the sustainable growth of our customers and society by providing high value-added services.") and the power to create new added value. The entire company will work to further promote diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion / Work Style Transformation

We respect each individual and strive to create an organization that makes the most of its individuality as an organization's strength.

Diversity & Inclusion

Specific measures (example)

  • Work Style Transformation (Reduction of overtime work, promotion of taking leave, expansion of flextime system, improvement of remote work environment)
  • Health and Productivity Management Declaration
  • Support for balancing work and childcare, work and nursing care, work and treatment, and support for career formation
  • Activities of Global Human Resources, Sexual Minorities, Seniors, and Persons with Disabilities
  • Promoting Women's Participation and Taking Childcare Leave for Men

Human Resource and Career Development Support

We take various initiatives to supports the challenge of each and every employee.

Human Resource and Career Development Support

Specific measures (example)

  • 1-on-1, supervisor/mentor, evaluation and career interviews, HR interviews
  • Career workshops, career development sheets
  • Job Shadow and Job Forum
  • Online distance learning, qualification rewards
  • Digital Human Resource Development Program

Creating a Corporate Culture that Helps Employees Realize the Joy of Working

We take a variety of initiatives to encourage employees to work actively.

Specific measures (example)

  • Opinion surveys
  • Companywide awards (SDGs Award, Business Improvement Prize, Seed Contest, etc.)
  • Improving operational efficiency across the company (promoting RPA)