Buying and Selling of Pre-owned Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

As a leading player in the market for used equipment, SMFL has an extensive record of accomplishments. In addition to transactions in the global market, SMFL offers technological support needed for buying and selling used equipment and handles integrated production lines.

Features and Advantages

Reducing cash outflow

Since the introduction of used equipment can significantly reduce funding requirements for capital investments, it is possible to increase returns on investment.

Reducing manufacturing costs

By introducing reasonably priced used equipment it is possible to reduce manufacturing costs and to raise profit margins immediately after investments in equipment are made.

Shortening delivery times

When it is necessary to increase capacity quickly to respond to increased production needs related to the start-up of new production lines and rapid expansion in demand, delivery times can be shortened by adopting used equipment. Customers can grasp new business opportunities through the well-timed introduction of equipment.

Information on Pre-owned semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Through SMFL’s membership website, which is the largest such site in Japan and contains information on transactions in pre-owned semiconductor manufacturing equipment, customers can gain access to information on pre-owned semiconductor production equipment in Japan and overseas.
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Technological Support

To provide the necessary technological services when used equipment is installed (including decommissioning, relocation, re-commissioning, overhauls, etc.), SMFL provides the services of its engineers, who have a high level of technological skills in this area, as well as the services of equipment manufacturers and technological service companies, drawing on SMFL’s favorable relationships with these companies*.

*Since these services are not available for some types of equipment, please feel free to contact SMFL for further information.

Lease Financing

SMFL, as the leading provider of operating lease services for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, has a long record of successes in this field and can offer lease financing to match the requirements of its customers.