Corporate Message

Think beyond, Act now

About the Message

Changes in the company’s operating environment are more rapid and consequential than ever before.
In that context, SMFL created a message that captures its ideals and dedication, specifically its vision for society in the future, its determination to pursue innovations that go beyond conventional concepts, and its goal to grow together with its customers.

About the Logo Design

  • Company Name Logo

    The L in the acronym, SMFL, has been emphasized in a rectangular shape to express the company’s approach of making continuous improvements. The letters in blue and white were designed to represent integrity and strength, and symbolize the purity of a company with a prominent position in the industry.

  • Corporate Message Logo

    The message logo was designed as if the words are on a flag raised by a flagpole, represented by the slanted line. The line is slanted at the same angle as the L in the SMFL logo to emphasize affinity.