SMFL's Strengths

Co-create the future, responding to the
needs of our customers and society
Our three strengths, the sources of innovation

Group's comprehensive capabilities

The customer base and fundraising capabilities of a megabank plus the network and business development capabilities of a general trading company

As a strategic joint business between Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. and Sumitomo Corporation, SMFL can leverage the broad and robust customer bases and networks of a megabank group and a general trading company to offer high-value-added financial services, combining their respective strengths.

Deploying these capabilities, we propose financial services and schemes unique to leasing, which are unavailable with ordinary loans, while also offering new services transcending the traditional conception of financial services, such as investing in and managing businesses and establishing funds centering on fields for which societal needs are high, such as energy & the environment, real estate, healthcare, and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) businesses.

In the global marketplace, through our subsidiary SMBC Aviation Capital Limited we operates an aircraft leasing business jointly with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC). SMBC Aviation Capital is among the world's top five aircraft leasing companies. We have also entered aircraft engine leasing and helicopter leasing businesses in collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation to further strengthen initiatives in the growing transportation field.

Solution proposal and implementation capabilities

Capabilities to propose and implement solutions based on a sure grasp of "things" and trade flows

In-depth understanding of customers' business flows and the "things" they sell... Drawing on the expertise that we have cultivated over the years through the ownership of large quantities of "things" of various types, we are able to propose unique solutions.

For example, we have a track record of providing vendor finance services, including finance leases and installment sales, to global manufacturers and dealers and to those intending to enter international markets.

In the vendor finance business, our individual sales departments and the head office departments specialized in vendor finance flexibly collaborate to offer manufacturers and dealers comprehensive support tailored to their business strategies. We handle a wide variety of equipment, everything from construction equipment, transportation equipment, industrial machinery and machine tools, and medical equipment, to information and communications equipment, office equipment, and retail and service equipment. We have earned the confidence of manufacturers and dealers as an indispensable partner for their sales activities.

Our solutions also include operating leases that pay attention to the residual value of equipment and the buying and selling of pre-owned equipment. Only a leasing company handling a wide variety of equipment can provide these added-value solutions.

Diverse human resources

From the spring of diversity flows a stream of new value

Contributing to sustainable development of customers and society...
With a history going back to the early days of Japan's leasing industry, SMFL has long been a trailblazer. Ever since the founding of our predecessor in 1963, we have sought to promote business development by anticipating the change of the era, including the diversification of needs. This approach has enabled us to grow not only by promoting the traditional leasing business but also by advancing into new fields, such as aircraft leasing, energy & the environment, and real estate. For the benefit of society at large and with a sure grasp of the direction of change, we have always been a pioneer.

People are the source of our momentum. Based on the conviction that human resources are our principal asset and the wellspring of our competitiveness, and by leveraging our in-depth knowledge of "things" and finance, we have been offering solutions that support the growth of our customers' businesses. Furthermore, we have recently sharpened our focus on promotion of digital transformation (DX). Through the fusion of our expertise with the latest digital technology, we innovate ownership and usage of "things" for the benefit of our customers.

Through unceasing innovation and by embracing new challenges, we are illuminating the path to the future. This includes initiatives addressing the SDGs in order to help resolve the pressing environmental and social issues that are at the top of the global agenda.
Positioning diversity as our core strength, we will continue cultivating a corporate culture that encourages employees to excel by offering new value transcending the traditional conception of financial services.