In April 2020, SMFL decided to redefine the management philosophy and policies we had been using up to that point and created a new ideological system called the SMFL Way.

1. Our Mission

SMFL's purpose is defined as Our Mission. Our Mission is the fundamental approach that guides our conduct and decision-making.

Looking beyond the present, we are committed to contributing broadly to the sustainable growth of our customers and society by providing high value-added services.

2. Our Vision

Our Vision defines what SMFL aims to become. We want to be a company that:

  • is an essential business partner delivering new value to out customers
  • is tackling the SDGs head-on so that we will continue to be chosen by customers in the future
  • grows together with our employees, supporting each individual SMFL emploee to take on new challenges
  • can undergo a digital transformation enabling us to realize points 1 to 3 and to become an advanced digital company that can overcome barriers to growth.

By realizing these four aspects of Our Vision, we will contribute to the sustainable development of our customers and society.

The best business partner
As a solution provider who goes beyond a mere financing framework, SMFL helps its customers by developing strategies and solutions for addressing a variety of challenges.
Chosen for its commitment to SDGs
As a responsible corporate citizen and so as to continue being a chosen business partner for future generations, SMFL is committed to achieving SDGs towards the creation of a better society.
Encourage employee development
SMFL creates an environment where diverse, motivated employees can thrive and achieve their personal development in collaboration with the growth of the company.
An advanced digital company
SMFL promotes business innovation and being on the cutting edge of digital technology.

3. Our Value

Our Values are the values that are important to us at SMFL.
Our Values will foster a corporate culture that uses the diversity offered by the variety of our employees as a strength, based on the Five Values.

Five Values:Customer First, Proactive & Innovative, Speed, Quality, Team SMFL

4. Our Principle

Our Principle is SMFL's core approach.
We will meet the expectations of our customers and society by complying with laws and regulations, observing social norms, and acting with integrity.

As a trusted and responsible corporate citizen committed to meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations, SMFL is committed to - at all times - acting in good faith and complying with all applicable law.