Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company), based on Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law (hereinafter, the Law), has pledged to conform with the policy the Company has established regarding the appropriate use and safekeeping of personal information.
The Company has made public the following items regarding personal information.

1. Pledge Regarding Policy Implementation Policy

The Company protects and uses personal information based on the relevant laws and regulations and conforms with the following items in its pledge regarding personal information.
The Company works to properly protect and use personal information, and, along with the movement toward the greater utilization of IT systems, is continuing to make improvements in its systems and activities related to managing personal information.

2. Objectives for Using Personal Information

  • (a)The Company specifies the objectives for which personal information can be used, and, except in instances specified in the relevant laws, makes use of such information within the limitations of what is necessary to attain the specified objectives.
  • (b)In cases where the objectives for the use of specified personal information are limited by laws and regulations, the Company does not use such information for any objective other than those it has specified.
  • (c)In cases where an individual requests that the use of his or her personal information be suspended in connection with direct marketing activities, such as direct mailings, telemarketing, etc., the Company immediately ceases to use such individuals’ personal information for this purpose.

3. Appropriate Methods for Gathering Personal Information

The Company will gather personal information by proper and legal means, within the limits necessary to attain the objectives specified in item 2 above.

4. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

With the exception of instances that are specified in laws, the Company will not provide a customer’s personal information to third parties without the express permission of the customer.

5. Measures for Safekeeping Information

To prevent loss, alteration, leakage, etc., of personal information, the Company takes proper measures to keep information safe and secure.
In addition, all employees who handle personal information have undergone training to understand the importance of the protection of personal information.
When entrusting customers’ personal information to other parties, the use of this information by these parties is monitored by proper means.

6. Procedures regarding Requests for Disclosure

The Company will respond properly and without delay to procedures related to the disclosure of personal information that is required by law.

7. Inquiries

The Company will respond properly and without delay to opinions and requests related to the handling of personal information.