Message from the President

We will realize the "SMFL Way" with "Finance × Business × DX" solutions unique to SMFL with the goal of expanding both social and economic value.

Last year, social and economic progress under a regime of coexistence with the novel coronavirus brought both in Japan and overseas. On the other hand, Russia's invasion of Ukraine shifted into a prolonged war, and the era of "Great Moderation" came to an end with the rise in policy interest rates and monetary tightening in line with inflation in various countries, as well as heightened volatility in financial markets, including large fluctuations in exchange rates. In addition, the business environment is undergoing major changes, such as the public's growing demand for sustainability.

Under these circumstances, SMFL Group launched a new medium-term management plan ( 2023 - 2025 ) this fiscal year. Amidst mounting social challenges such as climate change, economic security, geopolitical risks, declining birthrates, aging populations, human rights issues, and economic disparities, we want to be a company that works head-on toward the realization of a sustainable society. In order to carry out this vision, the new medium- term plan promotes the creation of new businesses that solve social issues, the transformation of existing businesses, and the establishment of new core businesses, and also overlap the expansion of social value and economic value by strengthening the business foundation. Then, by bringing together the comprehensive capabilities of the SMFL Group and leveraging business development and DX in our financial capabilities, where we have strengths, we will provide solutions and services unique to SMFL with the aim of being the best partner that grows together with our customers.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Masaki Tachibana