Services & Solutions

SMFL offers a broad range of services and solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Leases/Installment Sales

Finance Leases

Finance leases are the most-standard type of lease financing provided by SMFL for the machinery and equipment that customers select.

Installment Sales

Under installment sales arrangements, SMFL purchases the machinery and equipment to be financed, and then sells it to customers in exchange for long-term installment payments.

Operating Leases

Capital investment at low cost and off the balance sheet

Cross-Border Leases & Leases Denominated in Local Currencies

We offer optimal financing schemes for capital investment in countries where our customers conduct business.


Ship Finance

SMFL provides a diverse range of funding methods for ships, which are indispensable in the world’s logistics chains.

Management Supports

Japanese Operating Leases

Offering Japanese investors opportunities to invest in the Operating Lease business

Related Services

Buying and Selling of Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

As a leading player in the market for used equipment, SMFL has an extensive record of accomplishments.

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Strengths of SMFL

An introduction to SMFL’s strengths and business topics

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