Information for Manufacturers and Dealers

SMFL Provides Full Support for Product Sales Promotions in Japan and Overseas.

Advantages of Sales Finance

Use of sales finance is effective in raising customer satisfaction and in building close and lasting relationships with customers.

Support for Formulation of Sales Strategy
With SMFL managing the content of contracts with your customers, SMFL can provide optimally timed sales proposals that are in line with your customer’s equipment replacement timing and your customer’s payment schedule. This enables SMFL to play a role in the sales strategy formulation of manufacturers and dealers and enables you to draw on SMFL’s sales finance functions.
Gives Momentum to Investment Judgments of Your Customers
One of the advantages of lease financing is that it makes it possible to smooth out the flow of depreciation write-offs. Under leasing arrangements, the payment burden during the lease period is fixed, Compared with cases where customers purchase the item and then take depreciation write-offs, leasing allows lessees to lighten the impact on profitability (with particularly large benefits in the first year) . This gives your customers greater leeway in making investments and gives momentum to the investment judgments of your customers.

SMFL’s Strengths in Sales Finance

SMFL’s staff members have in-depth familiarity with sales finance and make excellent business partners.

Experienced Staff with In-Depth Knowledge of Sales Finance
SMFL has specialist departments that focus on particular types of machinery and equipment. These include civil engineering and construction equipment, machine tools, transportation equipment, and IT equipment. Each of these departments has many highly experienced staff members who are thoroughly familiar with various types of equipment and can give you their full support in your sales activities. SMFL staff can respond promptly to different conditions, including providing financing for sales handled through dealerships and your direct sales to customers. Please contact us for further details about your particular requirements.
Broad Network in Japan and Overseas
SMFL has 31 offices in Japan and 12 locations overseas, principally in the rest of Asia. SMFL is able to expand its services for manufacturers and dealers in their operating areas. SMFL is expanding its overseas network on an ongoing basis. Manufacturers and dealers who are thinking of entering overseas markets, can draw on SMFL’s capabilities in product sales promotion overseas.

Wealth of Business Solutions to Meet Your Customers’ Needs

SMFL’s Abundant Range of Products and Services

Do some of your customers express a desire to reduce the cost burden of initial investments, and are some of them looking for fund-raising options other than borrowings?
SMFL has a broad range of products and services that can satisfy these customer needs. In general, SMFL offers lease financing and installment payments as a matter of course, but it can also provide operating leases to reduce the cost of introducing machinery and equipment, finance schemes that take advantage of subsidies, and can offer products and services that match the trends in your industry.
Drawing on the abundant experience and record of accomplishments that SMFL has accumulated since its establishment, SMFL is well-positioned to provide you with products and services that satisfy your requirements.