Circular economy

Promoting Circular Economy Business

In addition to selling machinery and equipment that have been returned after lease maturity, we also purchase and sell used general machinery and equipment and have a proven track record as a leading player in the sale and purchase of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We are also actively promoting 3R activities, such as providing waste compliance management ASP services and launching the equipment and plant disposal general contractor business. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a circular economy by utilizing our knowledge and expertise in equipment as a leasing company and by collaborating with partner companies such as manufacturers and sales companies.

SMART—3R business: Comprehensive plant dismantling support service

Group company SMFLMP formed SMART as a joint venture with major metal recycling business ARBIZ Corporation to provide a comprehensive service from the sale of used equipment and metal scrap, waste disposal, and building dismantling to the return of land to its original condition. The dismantling supervision, execution, and recycling technologies of ARBIZ are leveraged along with our knowledge and expertise in equipment and sales network to properly dispose of facilities and plants and contribute to lower dismantling costs.

The 3Rs of industrial equipment through SMART

PBasis Waste compliance management ASP service

PBasis* is an ASP service that achieves integrated management through the visualization of emissions information, from basic information on emissions, contracts, and permits to issuance of manifests, emissions volume, recycling rates, and aggregation and management of CO2 emissions. It not only bolsters compliance, but also contributes to operational efficiency and resource recycling through total management.

  • *PBasis is a registered trademark of Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Japan’s largest used machinery warehouse (Kawashima Warehouse)

We have a used machinery storage warehouse of approximately 11,000 m², the largest in Japan. We offer a wide selection of high-demand newer used machinery and a lineup of large and small machinery. In addition, our skilled maintenance on used machinery creates a supply system for used machinery to support customers’ prompt installation of equipment.

Sale and purchase of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment

In 1994, we became the first in the industry to start a used semiconductor manufacturing equipment business. We have expanded the business worldwide and are now a world leader in volume. By leveraging the funding capability of a financial company and the ability to assess semiconductor manufacturing equipment cultivated over a number of years in the industry, we won orders in FY2021 for all three major large-scale projects where pieces of equipment were put up for sale from semiconductor production lines in Japan. We have also recently begun to offer technical services associated with used equipment sale and purchase, and our specialized engineers and partner companies respond to various needs at customers’ factories.

Collaboration with manufacturers

Restoring a grinding machine scheduled to be scrapped to like-new condition

We purchased a grinding machine that was scheduled to be scrapped after 30 years of use. Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd. and Giken Co., Ltd. refurbished it and restored it to like-new condition.

Improving the reuse rate by adding manufacturer maintenance and inspection service for used machines

We added maintenance and inspection services by Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. for the used machining centers we sell, improving the reuse rate.

Contributing to corporate activities

Fuel cell power generation using biogas derived from brewery wastewater

We worked with Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. to conduct a demonstration project at Asahi Breweries’ Ibaraki Brewery of power generation from fuel cells using biogas derived from beer brewery wastewater as a new model for reducing CO2 emissions. This demonstration project was implemented under the Ministry of the Environment’s Low Carbon Technology Research, Development and Demonstration Program in Japan for subsidizing projects that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. We provided financing for the equipment, including the fuel cell equipment provided by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., and coordinated the entire project as lead applicant. Operation commenced in October 2020, and the demonstration project was completed in March 2022. Full-scale operation of the equipment will make it possible to supply approximately 1.6 million kWh of electricity annually (enough to power approximately 350 typical households), which is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 1,000 tons annually. Going forward, we will continue to work with partner companies to leverage the strengths of each company and promote initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, thereby contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society.

Supporting the promotion of recycling surplus food into feed

We provided financing to support the installation of refrigeration equipment for Nakasyoku Co., Ltd.’s efforts to recycle surplus sweets and food into feed. Most raw materials for feed are imported to Japan, but unusual weather and other factors have caused international prices to skyrocket, threatening the sustainable management of livestock businesses. Nakasyoku is a livestock business that produces eggs and pork in Niigata Prefecture. It uses its unique expertise to convert unconsumed food ingredients such as sweets and sake lees before expiration into feed. Through our financing support, Nakasyoku solved the problem of storing raw materials such as chocolate in the summer and expanded the range of items they process. In addition, our support in building win-win relationships is facilitating Nakasyoku’s efforts to connect with food manufacturers struggling to reduce the amount of food waste. Through these efforts, the volume of materials processed is increasing and is expected to reach 10,000 tons per year. In addition to leasing and other financing services, we are working to provide a stable supply of food and reduce food waste by providing services that go beyond the bounds of finance.