Commitment to the Next Generation

Key Issue

Contributing to the development of people and companies connected with the next generation


Action Policy

  • Develop and introduce new technologies aligned with the needs of Japan’s declining population so as to contribute to the development of companies

Build a “playground” for customers and partners creating new value

Yohei Kawana
Corporate Officer, General Manager,
Digital Transformation Promotion Department
; Innovation Project Team Leader

“Digital innovation” is one of SMFL’s key strategies in its medium-term management plan. Not only engineers but also sales staff and corporate staff are working together to accomplish this objective.

Combining the engineers’ expertise in the latest technology such as AI, RPA, and IoT, with the expertise of sales staff and operation staff who are directly or indirectly in touch with customers and partners, SMFL aspires to be the best partner for companies pursuing digital transformation. We are building a platform where our customers and partners can use the latest digital technologies and help them better manage life cycles of “things.” It will be a “playground” where agile development of new services is possible at lower start-up cost for not only companies but also entrepreneurs. This is SMFL’s commitment to the next generation.

Promoting innovation in areas such as digital technology and robotics

  • Handle items that contribute to automation and labor saving (robots for automation and labor saving, ICT construction equipment, etc.)
  • Promote digital innovation
    • Promote life-cycle management using AI and IoT
    • Enhance efficiency of sales and administration using digital technology
Concrete measures
  • Initiatives to become an advanced digital company
    • Enhance efficiency by using RPA in SMFL’s business processes
    • Utilize knowledge and knowhow of former SMFL Capital
    • Promote initiatives by the Retail Leasing Business Unit
  • New initiatives in the digital space
  • Further utilization and promotion of digital innovation
  • Robot rentals
external evaluation
  • On April 1, 2022, we were certified as a DX Certified Business Operator under the DX Certification System established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
    Digital Transformation Certification

Joint participation in EV car sharing business

SMFL is working with its partners to commercialize electric vehicle (EV) car sharing. For this service, REXEV Co., Ltd. provides the sharing system, Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service leases the EVs, and SMFL leases the EV chargers, to tenants of rental housing managed by Daito Kentaku Partners Co., Ltd., which is also the vehicle owner. Moving forward, we will be establishing a new electricity supply and demand adjustment mechanism for practical implementation of EV energy management that utilizes EV storage batteries and IoT technologies.

  • Selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a Technology Development Support Project for a Zero Emission Tokyo

Supporting the children who will become the platform for the next generation

  • Continue provision of SDGs lease
  • Develop and provide new products and services contributing to the SDGs
Concrete measures
  • Contributing to NPO KIDSDOOR’s project supporting high school students through donation by means of SDGs lease (donation type)
  • Donating through the Japan Leasing Association, such as donation to disaster-affected areas of PCs whose lease term has expired