Structure for promoting commitment to the SDGs

To be a business partner that gets chosen in the future

SMFL has established the SDGs Promotion Committee chaired by the President. The committee includes members from all business units as well as corporate staff, who work together to formulate initiatives to support our commitment to the SDGs through discussions on and promotion of various measures, thereby helping to realize a sustainable society. In April 2023, we enhanced our organizational structure by elevating the status of the Sustainability Promotion Section (established in April 2022) to the Sustainability Promotion Department to further advance our commitment to the SDGs. This department serves as the secretariat of the SDGs Promotion Committee and handles various other sustainability-related measures.

Furthermore, to implement the various measures required to fulfill our commitment to the SDGs, we have assigned SDGs Officers to each department. We also hold SDG-related study sessions every year, creating a framework where all employees and officers tackle SDGs with a sense of ownership.

With regard to sustainability in our transactions, the SMBC Group’s policy is not to provide credit in cases where there are concerns that its use would have a significant negative impact on the environment. As a member of the SMBC Group, the SMFL Group has adopted a similar policy as it expands its business.