Message from the President

To be a business partner chosen for its commitment to the SDGs

The world is confronted by pressing social and environmental issues, including climate change, depletion of energy resources, and poverty. Japan is experiencing population aging with a low birthrate and consequently a declining population as well as structural problems, such as a relative lack of regional prosperity. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented social and economic crisis while posing a threat to people’s lives. This disruption means a company’s forecast that is a logical extension of the past is no longer plausible.

In these circumstances, our aspiration to be “a business partner chosen for its commitment to the SDGs” is a goal incorporated in Our Vision. This reflects our resolve to boldly tackle the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to the sustainable development of society with an eye to future needs.

Since the launch of the leasing business, we have been conducting a wide range of financing, capitalizing on our key strength, that is, our expertise in “things” with the support and cooperation of customers and partners as well as other stakeholders.

We are promoting photovoltaic power generation and other clean energy, Circular Economy Business, and regional revitalization through the conversion of traditional Japanese houses to hotel accommodation. Throughout SMFL, we are vigorously promoting workstyle reforms. In this way, we have achieved development together with customers and society.

In view of this background, we designated the “environment,” “next generation,” “community,” and “job satisfaction” as key issues (materiality) and selected eight of the 17 SDGs as focus items.

Positioning our commitment to the SDGs as a growth strategy, we are addressing the four key issues in the fields in which we excel in order to contribute to achieving decarbonization and recycling-based society, the development of people and companies connected with the next generation, and the sustainable development of local communities, while creating opportunities for everybody to be actively involved in a better future. Through these endeavors, we aim to create new business.

Through our sincere practical commitment to working for a better world for the benefit of future generations, we intend to achieve sustainable growth of SMFL as your partner of choice and to be a chosen business partner for future generations.

In all our endeavors, we would be most grateful for your support and cooperation.

Masaki Tachibana
Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Co., Ltd.