Commitment to the Environment

Key Issue

Contributing to achieving decarbonization and recycling-based society


Action Policies

  • Optimally operate SMFL’s environmental management systems and support customer initiatives to reduce environmental impacts
  • Contribute to realization of a recycling-based society through business capitalizing on the characteristics of a leasing company

Contributing to achievement of the SDGs by supplying clean energy

Junji Asai
Managing Executive Officer,
Head of Environmental and Energy Business Division
; Managing Executive Officer, Head of Environmental and Energy Business Division,
SMFL MIRAL Partners Co., Ltd.

SMFL’s commitment to renewable energy started with leasing of photovoltaic power generation facilities in 2012. Since then, SMFL has developed into a one-stop provider of financing solutions.

As expansion of the renewables market is aligned with the progressive realization of a carbon-free society, SMFL positions renewables as a growth field alongside aircraft and real estate. Leveraging the SMBC Group’s customer base, SMFL will pursue business opportunities throughout the supply chain encompassing the generation, storage, and sale of electricity as well as energy saving. Moreover, in renewable energy power generation projects, we will vigorously collaborate with customers from the initial phase with the aim of supporting them not only in terms of financing but also business operation.

In addition, it is important to maintain renewable energy facilities as long-term stable sources of electricity regardless of the eventual termination of the feed-in tariff (FIT). We will also help ensure smooth business succession for renewable energy power plants by preventing poor construction and illegal disposal of equipment.

Financial and energy systems are important social infrastructure whose safety, security, and stability are fundamental requirements. We will continue focusing on meticulous maintenance of renewable energy facilities so as to ensure sustainable supply of clean energy with a view to meeting the needs of future generations.

Promoting initiatives for renewable energy

  • Expand renewable energy sources in addition to solar power
  • Aim to be ranked among the top 5 renewable energy producers
Concrete measures
  • Strengthening the energy service business
  • Increasing sales of CO2-free electricity through the electricity retail agent business
  • Developing project finance leases for biomass gas power generation
  • Initiatives for expansion of the hydroelectric power generation business in Japan

Expanded handling of decarbonized products

  • Creating businesses to realize a recycling-oriented society
Concrete measures
  • Participation in Institutions and Frameworks for Decarbonization
  • Leasing environmental and energy-saving equipment

    Our company offers leasing of environment-related equipment and equipment, as well as leasing of energy-saving equipment, to help customers reduce their energy consumption, water and utility bills, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting Circular Economy Business

  • Utilization of machinery and equipment with expired leases
  • Expansion of the used peripheral business based on the secondhand trade
Concrete measures
  • Support provided by a factory disposal support service
  • Expanded use of emission compliance management ASP services
  • Buying and selling used semiconductor equipment
  • Promoting to Corporate Initiatives
  • Establishing and reviewing an efficient disposal system for environmentally friendly properties that have been leased

Controlling our own usage of electricity and paper

  • Promote initiatives to achieve zero CO2 emissions and RE100
Concrete measures
  • Reducing paper consumption
    • Reduce paper consumption by shifting to electronic application forms etc. and by making double-sided printing, 2-in-1 printing, etc. the norm
    • Eliminate the use of personal desks with drawers to discourage retention of paper documents by employees
  • Reducing electricity consumption
    • Encourage elimination of unnecessary lighting
    • Use EMS to enhance awareness of officers and employees
  • Zero emissions of CO2 and RE100
    • Consider how best to realize zero emissions of CO2 and RE100 for SMFL’s business