Human Resource and Career Development Support

Approach for Human Resource Development and Training

Part of Our Vision within the SMFL Way is to “Encourage employee development,” and we are accelerating our efforts to provide active support in this regard.
In our evolution from a leasing company to a business company with financial capabilities, we will promote the development of human resources who can take the lead in creating new businesses and transforming existing businesses. We are also striving to nurture digitally competent human resources who can promote digital transformation (DX).

Our approach to developing and nurturing human resources

  • Nurturing human resources with the expertise to provide high value-added services
  • Nurturing leaders who anticipate changes in the environment and proactively create new businesses and organizations
  • ※1Career development sheet: Each employee prepares this every year to carve out a career for themselves. This is an opportunity for employees to think independently about their future, reflect on their past experiences, and gain an understanding of their job aptitude.
  • ※2Job Format: In order to support self-directed career development, we publish an overview (job description, appeal, etc.) and challenge items (required skills, qualifications, etc.) for each department.

Career Development and Challenge Support

As a mechanism to support autonomous career development, every year SMFL conducts "Job Shadow" (646 participants in FY2021), a one-day experience in another department, "Job Forum" (987 participants in FY2021), and "Internal Recruitment" to understand each department's work content.

We hold "President's Town Hall Meetings" and "Executive Roundtables" as opportunities for employees to review their own careers through interactive dialogue with executives. "Qualification Challenge Seminars" (560 participants in FY2021) is also provided as the opportunity employees who hold qualifications and those who are seeking qualifications interact. Thus, we support our employees' willingness to take on new challenges and create a new self.

Specific measures

  • 1-on-1, supervisor/mentor, evaluation and career interviews, HR interviews
  • Career workshops, career development sheets
  • Job Shadow (one-day experience in other departments) and Job Forum (events to understand the work of other departments)
  • Goal setting, OJT, training rotation
  • Trainees (domestic and overseas), Internal and SMBC Group open recruiting
  • President’s Town Hall Meeting, Executive Round Table
  • Qualification Acquisition Challenge Seminar
  • Lecture by an outside lecturer

Developing Digital Human Resources

In Our Vision within the SMFL Way, we have declared that we will be “An advanced digital company.” Accordingly, we are working to have each and every employee make full use of digital technology and to nurture human resources who can develop services for customers and design internal business processes.

Digital learning map

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Specific measures

  • Digital Human Resource Development Program
  • Various training programs (by rank, etc.) and departmental development measures
  • Online distance learning, qualification rewards