Message from the President

The SMFL Group’s strength and stability support our drive to respond to customer needs, always.

 SMFL is proud of the vision we shares with our customers and partners: a vision defined by mutual growth, and a strong spirit of collaboration, now and far into the future.

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our leasing business, established by a merger of separate companies, launched by two forerunners of the industry in 1968. Our customers are not only essential to our longstanding success-they are responsible for it. For that, we are more than grateful. We will continue to show our appreciation by proactively addressing and solving the various needs and challenges faced by our customers for the next 50 years, and more.

To accomplish this, SMFL will leverage the strength and stability of its parent companies, SMBC Group and Sumitomo Corporation Group, providing the best solutions for our customers. Through the determination to grow our wide range of services and their successful implementation, we hope the trust customers place in us will also continue to grow.

Alongside our customers and partners, we look forward to successfully realizing goals, solving challenges, and exceeding expectations.

Masaki Tachibana

About SMFL
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