Solar Power Generation Business

Seriving to ensure optimal balance between the environment and energy by providing a host of energy solutions

Extensive Record of Accomplishments in the Solar Power Generation Business

A two-megawatt solar power generation initiative commenced operations at the idyllic location of Yatsugatake and the Southern Alps in March 2013. Situated in Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts excellent sunshine and conditions, this power generation initiative is attracting wide acclaim as a model regional business. Buoyed by the introduction of the renewable energy feed-in tariff system in July 2012, SMFL has actively supported solar and other power generation projects. In the area of solar power generation in particular, the Company has an outstanding track record that exceeds 160 projects. In addition to these activities, SMFL is providing a host of solutions to assist the corporate and public sectors in their energy conservation endeavors. Through these and other means, we are serving to ensure optimal balance between the environment and energy in Japan.

Osaka Hikari-no-Mori Project Launched

SMFL has participated in the solar power generation business since the early days of the industry. In cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation, SMFL has participated in the Osaka Hikari-no-Mori Project, which is a 10-megawatt solar power generating facility located in the Osaka Bay area, Yumeshima, that began operations in October 2013. This project is a joint undertaking involving the participation of many corporations. It was based on the concept, “Working together to create a ‘forest of light’ just as people come together to create a forest by planting trees one by one.” The aim of the project is to make effective use of Yumeshima, which was created through the accumulation of general waste, by constructing facilities that will generate renewable energy. This project, which combines SMFL’s financial solutions capabilities with Sumitomo Corporation’s know-how in the infrastructure business, has received official certification from the national government and the city of Osaka as an International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone.

Strengthening Systems for Promoting Environmental Businesses

In April 2014, SMFL strengthened its business development systems for environmental businesses. This involved forming the Environmental Business Division and realigning the Environmental Business Department into two units; namely, Environmental Business Promotion Department, which provides support for the Environment Business departments at the branch level, and the Environmental Business Development Department, which is in charge of developing new business fields and new products. SMFL has positioned environmental businesses as a field where future growth is expected and is taking aggressive initiatives to further expand these businesses.