Marketing Strengths

Strengths that derive from capabilities for offering proposals that provide fund-raising methods for capital investment and are based on an understanding of products and trade flows.

Capabilities for Preparing Financial Management Proposals

SMFL responds to a wide range of customer financial management needs. These include diversifying fund-raising methods to finance capital investments, smoothing out expense payments, and lowering initial project costs. Our business lines and Financial Business Development Department work closely together to offer high-value-added products and services to address customers’ business issues.

Understanding of Products and Trade Flows

Another set of SMFL strengths is its understanding of the value of products that it has developed over many years, capabilities for taking risks based on relations with manufacturers and dealers, and its capabilities for developing businesses involving sales financing. As a leading lease finance company, SMFL can provide solutions that include operating leases with an eye to the future value of leased items, trading and sales in used equipment, and support for sales activities nationwide in Japan and overseas.